Sunday, November 6, 2011

     That is the best idea I've heard of since sliced bread...
     I grew up hearing that as a child and it never made any sense to me.  When we went to the grocery store, loaves of sliced bread were everywhere and it seemed to me that you'd have to look long and hard to find anything more boring than a loaf of bread.  Certainly nothing to go "Yippee!!!"  about.... But to my great-aunt, who could remember when "store bought" loaves were unsliced, this simple invention seemed like  a significant thing.  At other times, my great-aunt would tell me that I was as handy as a pocket in a shirt... Another simple thing that didn't seem like any great comparison or compliment whenever I heard it.  But to a woman who used to sew her own clothes and only had one Sunday-go-to-Meeting outfit in her wardrobe, shirts with pockets were a wonderful thing.
    Sometimes it's the obvious things, the simplest things that mean the most.
    When I was teaching, I often got stressed... (Understatement of the year....)  Over the years, I learned a simple trick that would alleviate stress and re-direct my thoughts. When I did it, it never failed to help. The problem is: I often failed to do it.
   Why?  Because I didn't have time. Because it was too much trouble.  Because I had too much work.  Because maybe the administration would think I was slacking off.  Because....
    Really, the only thing this trick had going for it was ... that it worked.
    What was it?
    Going for a ten-minute walk around the track or the school.  While meditating on Scripture memory cards.
The exercise released my pent-up frustration, anxiety, whatever.  The verses redirected my thoughts.
    If you think you can't memorize Scripture, consider these:
    Philippians 4:13
    II Cor. 5:7
    II Cor. 5:21
    John 3:16
    Romans 5:8
    Romans 8:1
    Or just go through the Bible and look for short verses that are meaningful to you:)
    Just try it and see...
    I think you might be surprised.


  1. It does make such a difference....great way to clear your head and refocus! :) Miss you!