Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Someday ... I will!

What I'd like for my birthday...

For my "sister" not to have cancer...
I was going to make a list of things that I would like to have but really,
the list almost  sort of stops there,
where it began.

There are other things, though.
I wish I had tons of money and could give freely
so that there would be no food lines, no
kids without the basics.  Sometimes when
I do gather up things for the needy,
it just bothers me that all I can do is
a thimble full when there's an ocean
out there.  If that makes sense.

And I wish I could just wipe away grief
from  my friends who are struggling with
tough losses and difficult anniversaries.
Death truly is the last enemy.  Sometimes
I wish God would just pull back the veil
a little bit for my loved ones who are
grieving - so faith could be sight..
even if for only just an instant.

And I wish that every friend I have who
doesn't know God and who doesn't seem to
really want to know Him would suddenly
realize He is what they are seeking.
They just don't know it yet.
And many times, I wish I had the courage
to tell them that.  But usually I don't.

And then there are times when I
wish I could just sit at the beach for hours and
hours without getting sunburned and without
traveling forever to get there.  With my
husband and my son and a few
close friends.

 I've seen sun rise
and sunset over the ocean.

Some day I'd like to see
the rise of the Bright
and Morning Star.

Someday ... I will!

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