Friday, October 19, 2012

Have You a Friend....?

My life was headed South before I even knew there was a North.   People may wonder why I always try to write about God, His love, His Son, His Word, His watch-care over us.

   The answer is simple. I do it because I know I would be nothing without Him.  Truly.
   When someone finds a good thing, they talk about it, maybe even rave about it, almost certainly Face Book about it.  Yogurt. Movies.  A good football game.  (Arkansas hasn't had a lot of those lately but we have had some!)   Pedicures.  Vitamin supplements.  Music.  Books.  Pets.  Cars.  Video games.   The list goes on forever.
   No. Wait.  It doesn't.  Every list has an end.
   Only the human soul and the word of God really, honestly, actually  goes on forever.
   Everything else on earth is temporary.
   It has been my privilege to go through some tough times; a privilege because those hard times led me at an early age to seek love and security outside myself, outside my family, outside my home.    Somehow, as a child in a walking-on-eggshells type of family, I looked up and God looked down and it was love at first sight.
   I was most definitely a spoiled brat.  But He didn't seem to mind.
  My universe revolved around me.  But He patiently broadened it over not weeks, months or years but decades..
  My own decisions often entangled me.  But He proved to be an excellent unravel-er of knotty problems.
   My own plans often excluded him.  (I am a fickle lover....:)  But He sagaciously sent the right person, book, song,  or message at the optimum time to turn my plans around.
  As Corrie ten Boom would say in her thick Dutch accent, "Have you a friend like this?"
 If you do, then you know why I blog about Him or for Him just about all the time.

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