Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog of Heroes...

     Beth Moore - Commentary on the story of Daniel's three friends in the fiery furnace:
     *Sometimes God delivers us from the fire - the suspicious spot on the x-ray turns out to be benign.
     *Sometimes God delivers us through the fire - the spot is cancer which necessitates treatment but the treatment works.
     *Sometimes God delivers us by the fire to the feet of Jesus - the cancer is healed in His presence.
     This is for those who have gone through the fire and are cancer free  (survivors), for those who are going through the fire  now (warriors), and for those who are in the presence of Jesus where even though they have gone through the fire, they now stand whole, healed, not even singed....(Overcomers)   
     The names are all mixed in together b/c I don't think God divides them into categories but sees them all as they really are: whole and loved no matter where they are right now on this journey...
     Mary Louise

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  1. So well done Cathy....just love it...and prayers for all.