Sunday, June 19, 2011

Full hearts... Short blog, promise!

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 There is a scene from the old Disney film, Blackbeard's Ghost, where the ghost - played by Peter Ustinov - cuts off his young friend - played by Dean Jones - by just butting in on Dean Jone's speech with the words, "Not now, Lad.. Our hearts is too full ..."  Jones is left with mouth hanging open in mid-sentence while Blackbeard refocuses everyone's attention on .. himself  :)
    Our hearts is too full....  Maybe not the best grammar but I wonder how accurately it describes me?
    Wondering if my heart (and my blogs) are waaaayyy too full of myself; feeling like I'm missing something here...



like ...Sudan....

Make Way Partners - endorsed by Randy Alcorn.
     I know the reasons not to get involved.... 
                      they're always fighting over there; it's a hopeless conflict.
                     I already gave at the office; it's just a downer to think about it...

But what if it were my child?
     I'd want someone to help... even if the shelter built today was burned to the ground next month,
                        I'd still  want my child to have a roof over his head for as long as possible. 
                                   And didn't Jesus say ...  or how does that song go.... 
                                                 He loves all the children of the ..Sudan?

Make Way Partners Ministry. The founder paid a high price to start this ministry. She tells about it in her book.  So thankful I don't have to live it; you don't have to read it.  Please, just pray this new round of genocide stops quickly and please check out the website. Or just volunteer to sponsor a child.  We already sponsor two in other countries.  But with a few less trips to McDonald's, we could easily sponsor a third and probably never notice it even though we're not rich by any means.  We're thinking about it.  Would you?


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