Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't leave home without it...

 I spent two hours at Willow Springs Water Park - having a quiet time, enjoying the sun shimmering on the surface of the pool, doing water aerobics, working on my tan - perfect morning...   As I was driving away, I realized that one eye wasn't focusing very well - it's my worst eye and I've been reading in my Kindle, shall we say, waaayyy too late at night with just my book  light for illumination.
     It's Jeanette Windle's fault, by the way, that I've been reading into the wee hours of the morning.  Her new book, Freedom's Stand, at times was so intense that I had to skim some of the details to find out if the hero  would actually be able to   rescue the  other leading characters ... Actually found myself sitting up on the edge of the  bed, hoping I wouldn't wake my husband who might not be too sympathetic about a fictional U.S. aide worker trapped  in a dire situation in Kabul, Afghanistan at 3 in the morning, our time.. not hers... ;>)
         At any rate, I finished the book - no way I could sleep until I did!  And this morning I fell out of bed somewhat bleary-eyed, still rehearsing what the heroine should have said to her nasty supervisor who, if ever anyone deserved having the tables turned on him, it was this guy who.... well, you get the picture....   The only problem with the book is that you have to read the first one, Veiled Freedom, in order to understand the second one so....hmmm.. been keeping a lot of late hours lately...)
     But I digress... back to the eye issue.  As I'm driving towards home, I realize my vision is not in focus, put one hand over one eye and it works okay.  Reverse the procedure and realize that the other eye, which has never been good,  is not focusing.  Like it has a film over it or something... Like - can you get a cataract going in just two hours at the pool????
    So I thought about how I was too young to have to have cataract surgery.. and my left knee is still bothering me -what a coincidence - it was also my left eye that was gimping up on me!  So maybe like my whole left side is deteriorating faster than my right side, which would be distinctly odd 'cause I'm pretty sure I haven't had a stroke...   And really the bottom line is that I just went to the pool for some fun and now I'm thinking  maybe knee surgery and cataract surgery are in my near future????
    But then I remembered hearing about maccular degeneration on a t.v. ad which I'm pretty sure is not good so I began to pray fervently that it was just a cataract problem!!!! And then I put my hand up to push my glasses up on the bridge of my nose and realized that where there should have been  a lens... there wasn't... =/
   At that point, I remembered hearing a "snap" back at the park and realized that must have been my left lens popping out of the frame....  Soooooo.... I panicked!   Backed our truck into someone's drive  as if banshees were after me and then rapidly headed toward the park, thinking things like, "I'll never find the lens.... needle in a haystack would be more doable.. probably crushed into a thousand pieces...  should have had the lens refitted after I popped out the lens the first time months ago... "
   Then I belatedly shot up an arrow prayer for help  and thought to feel around in my swim bag.  And, voila!  There was the lens intact, lying at the bottom of the bag. So I pulled into another drive way, fitted the lens into the frame,  did another turn around and headed home - fastest cataract fix ehhvv-errrr!
   I don't know all the reasons that God commanded us not to worry but I do know one - sometimes worry is just plain stupid...
   Phil. 4: 6-7   - Don't leave home without it:)
   And if you are looking for a good read - ditto on the book, Freedom's Stand;  not only for the neat romance, the riveting plot, the insight into why $ alone cannot change Afghanistan but also b/c it gave me a greater understanding of what Christ did on the cross - can't explain how, it just did.

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