Monday, January 30, 2012

What's on my mind???

       First thing this morning, I learned that a dear friend is facing cancer... again.
       It's never been far from my mind since.
       Off and on all day long, this has flashed through my mind:  I HATE cancer.
       I know that God can and does bring good out of bad circumstances when we love Him and trust Him.
       Nonetheless, I HATE cancer.
       I know that this world is not our home  and that we will like the next one so much better.
       But this is where I am here and now and this is where my friend is and this is where I want her to stay.
       And through the grace of God and the skill of the doctors, this is where I believe she will be for some time to come.
       Nevertheless.... I HATE cancer.

       Which brings me to my second point.
       I'm not too crazy about thieves either...

       I always try to be upbeat on these blogs.
       But tonight I sat here, staring at the eternal query on Facebook:  What's on your mind?
       And honestly, these are the things that are on my mind.

       Today, I have been distracted. I went through Wendys' drive through thinking it was McDonald's.  I'm supposed to be fasting .. but I didn't.   I forgot to charge my cell phone even though I knew it was almost dead.  And I mentally talked back to a lifeless question on Facebook of all things.  "What's on my mind???  You don't want to know what's on my mind - that's what's on my mind!!!"  
      But in the final analysis
         this is what's on my mind....
                I HATE cancer.
                  And right now, thieves are a close second on my bad list, right up there behind dread diseases...

       Thankful tomorrow is another day...

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  1. sorry you are being hit with such distress thru the lives of others. i know youre empathetic so it hits you harder. turn to the Comforter and Great Physician.