Thursday, September 22, 2011

Always a good thing to do...:)

     I worked on my murder mystery yesterday - I'm at the place really where I don't like anything I've written so far  and wouldn't mind killing off all my main characters myself....  After writing some, I went to my home away from home, Lifeway Bookstore, and was just sitting there, looking at a Bible that emphasizes the names of God - I have a real weakness for beautifully bound devotional/study Bibles and I had a 10.00 off coupon - a dangerous combination!
     And while I was sitting there, looking through the Bible, a nicely dressed older gentleman commented on how I was reading a good book.  Then he told me about how someone once had said the same thing to him on a plane  - my new friend had been reading the Bible during the flight and the person seated next to him commented on how he was reading a good book. Then, as they deplaned, one right in front of the other, my new friend turned around to say good-bye to his seatmate and saw the guy had literally vanished. So he felt then and still feels now that his seatmate was an angel.
    So later, after our conversation ended - and he was a neat person to talk to, totally sane as far as I could tell - at any rate, after we finished talking, I'm sitting there still leafing through The Names of God Bible edited by Ann Spangler, thinking how my mystery novel inhales swiftly and wondering why I've never had an encounter with an angel....   Or do angels even hang out with people who spend part of their days plotting how to create someone, then kill them off along with, um, maybe a few others, and so on?
   I don't know.  All I know is that I bought the Bible for my birthday (Phil says I make birthdays soooo easy for him :), fixed spaghetti for supper,  and shelved my novel temporarily because, as Scarlet O'Hara said in such a memorable way, tomorrow is another day (or something like that)
   And really, there are few theological quandaries that can hang around in the face of a pound of un-browned hamburger, a jar of Ragu that needs to be opened, some pasta that is begging to be boiled, a load of laundry that is giving me a guilt trip since yesterday when it should have been done and a kitchen that will need cleaning up later on in the evening.
   And then, finally, when everyone is fed, the house is quiet and the laundry is mollified, a new study Bible to read :) .. which is, whether angels are visibly watching or not, always a good thing to do!


  1. I love Angels...and know they are there! :)

  2. I know they are too, Darci, even though I've never seen one. And I really think it was neat that this guy had. He was a retired minister and had traveled all over the globe and when he needed encouragement, God gave it to him in a neat way.