Friday, December 6, 2013

Two Sides of Every Coin ;)

   Blogs should be balanced.
   Just so you don't get the wrong idea...

   Last night I wrote (from my heart) about being still and spending time with Jesus this Christmas.
   That was real.
   So was today:)

   Got up at the crack of dawn and nagged husband to get him to stay home from work.
   Went back to bed knowing full well he would go on to work anyway, which he did.
   Woke up at ten. (Not normal but it's been an exhausting week)
   Let the big dogs out of the laundry room. (Their temporary home when the weather is frightful.  Their presence inside does not make our home delightful but we love them...)
   Put the big dogs back in the laundry room.
   Fussed at husband when he came home about 11.
   Worked on writing project while he sweetly (but without any real contrition ;)  starts the chili.
   I season it and let the big dogs back outside, making sure they don't slip out of the fence.
   Put them back in the laundry room and return to keyboard.
   Let the neighborhood kids in because they are bored and want to chat.
   Let the dogs out (all four of them) because they are agitated over the fact that we have guests and feel they need to go bark at something. By this time, I can identify...
   Stir the chili, listen to the kids, and finally promise them I'll  have cookies for them when they come back...  They take the hint and leave but not before I get the big dogs back in the laundry room - the kids are afraid of the dogs and the dogs are afraid of them.  (I'm afraid this is going to go on for 4 more days...ha!)
   Husband talks a bit much about going to work tomorrow regardless. I'm afraid I finally intimate that he won't live to see Monday if he gets out on the roads again against my explicit judgement.  He laughs.  I'm not sure I'm joking.  Splatter him with cold water that has been running over my hands into the kitchen sink. He still thinks I'm being funny... I'm still debating, even now, as to when I should enlighten him... =/
   Back to the keyboard.
   Back to stir the chili.
   Decide to scatter bird seed.
   Back to letting the dogs outside, watching them to see that they don't escape, and letting them in again.
   Then deciphering cookie instructions.
    One batch in the oven. Another waiting on the overcrowded stove top.
    Back to the keyboard.  It's the safest place to be by this time!
    Time to eat brunch -  in the afternoon.
     Spilled chili and booted the dogs outside again.
     All cookies are now  out of the oven.
     Lost one writing project; yes, do-overs are allowed.  Other project is still good... but for how long??
     Gobble dark chocolate and think dark thoughts about computers, outside dogs that are temporarily inside, and guys who feel they have to drive on ice... ha! (Yes, he's gone again "before the roads get bad.."  Is he kidding me???)
     Neighborhood kids are back, still bored. I listen to something about Beethoven (which doesn't sound like the Beethoven I know) and Christmas before I send them in David's direction.  Video games are suddenly my friend!!!
     Main floors bear wet paw prints, kid prints, adult prints, you-name-it prints...  and I really don't care.
     I'm ready to send everybody out into a blizzard if necessary, regardless of the shape of the roads, the sidewalks, the night air or whatever.

     I just looked out the window while musing on this wintry diatribe and saw a truck backing rapidly down our ice-slicked road underneath the glare of streetlights.  Not kidding.  The driver makes a 90 degree turn, still going backwards,  and proceeds out of sight up a steep hill, only to come right back into sight, this time going forward and turning to the left away from our house.  I'm guessing he didn't quite make it up the hill.
     Somehow, the truck thing seems to symbolize this whole day and evening.

     Whoever wrote "walking in a winter wonderland" was a certifiable nut... and/or he was not from 'round hye-er...  in my humble opinion...


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