Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December in Pictures with Much Thanks...

Eucharisteo...  Things which made me smile and for which I gave thanks in Dec.  (Short list only... ;)

Jewelry and I have a bad history.  I've accidentally flushed, stepped on, broken, and lost more pieces of jewelry than I care to think about. And probably more than Phil realizes.... ;) (And, yes, I have a jewelry box - I just don't always use it... obviously)  I love this bracelet - have had it for three whole days and so far it's still intact!!!! Plus, I can READ it!!!   (What a cool idea!!)    Necklace is a little more iffey, however. Fragile. May just hang it over my computer where I can see it.  One has Scripture and the other is from Ann Voskamp ministries, a reminder to look for eucharisteo daily in the small things...

A blending of the seasons for a mixed-up mind...  Spring-like curtains,  harvest pumpkins, rubber snowflakes, Amaryllis Triage, and Christmas oven mitt...  Honestly, this is me... For real.  "Classic", in my vocabulary, only applies to books and music.  Eclectic, in my humble opinion, is a much more valuable word...

Christmas Tree with Snoopy ornaments, angels, tons of multi-color lights, and whatnot... What's not to love???  I'm totally serious!! 

 Jesse Wreath... 24 days of making space in my heart for Jesus...  Still waay   too much of me and not enough of Him so I plan to keep the wreath up all year long somewhere in the house as a reminder to make more and more room for Him.    (I'm retired. Geriatric people can do things like that and get away with it.)

Candles - never too many. (Well, maybe too many to get in one pic)    And sweet gifts that remind me daily of the family and friends who gave them to me.  The idea is that every time I see a gift from a friend, I'll remember to say an arrow prayer for them.  Doesn't always work but that's the idea... (I stole it from someone at church - the idea, not the gifts..)

They say to look up when you feel down. The other night I felt down and looked down.. and had to smile.  Honestly, warmth crept up from my socks straight to my heart.  Love warm, woolly socks and happy sheep faces and friends who either think like me or who have the uncanny ability to read my somewhat warped mind. And still love me.  Seriously, these socks are so much higher up on the scale than my beloved frog socks, even though my frog socks had plastic eyeballs that rolled around.  Still, these are da bomb!  Besides, one of my frog socks lost an eyeball.   It's unnerving to have a one-eyed frog staring up at you every time you look down at your feet.  

 Love the fashion model! Love the one who so thoughtfully picked out this gift for me!  (They are not one and the same - to my knowledge Phil has never picked out a yellow purse for me. Or any purse for me for that matter. And that's actually a good thing...) And for those who don't know, that shade of yellow is most definitely manufactured in Heaven... Has to be! I can never see it without thinking of sunflowers and sunshine.

Anything chocolate!  (The peppermint is just there for seasonal decor... Trust me - it'll still be there this time next year.  Not the chocolate though!)  Thanks, sweet friend! You know who you are!

This is the life... I'm in my favorite chair, dog is being quiet (for once), and we're both warm, plus the tree is nearby and my kindle is in my lap.   This is the quintessential definition of the word "cozy".  There is no other!

What keeps me going.   Everyday.   All day.  What's kept us together. Every year.  Since 1986.  God speaks. We try to listen.  How do you make it if you never touch hearts with the Creator God through His word?   (And written in the front of the Bible?  The names of three of my sister chicks, women who are following hard after God and letting me limp  along behind them.  And beside their names, the date when my biological sister transitioned to Heaven in Oct. 2008.  So thankful God has an endless supply of sisters to bestow, both here and There.)

Color. Pens. Twistables.   Workbook studies with friends highlight my life.  Over and over and over again....

I am blessed....


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