Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ten on the tenth - Examples of what is Right with the Younger Generation

      I hear so many things about what is wrong with the world and I think most of it is true.  And I hear things about the younger generation - generation Xers - and I know each generation is different to some degree. And each generation has its strengths and its weaknesses.  Plus, it's also common for the older generations to believe that the young people are going to heck in a hand basket.
     I feel, however,  that there is something different about this new group of young adults who are  transitioning into the  "real world"and it is that many are selflessly pursuing ministry in foreign lands in ways that I don't remember my generation doing.  (Probably my peers did things like this and I just wasn't aware of it because there was no FB back then... :)
     Right now I'm thinking of young adults who go on short term mission trips, fall in love with a land and a people group, fall out of love with the American materialistic lifestyle, and just head back into full-time missions, determined to do whatever Jesus said to do in the Bible.  (I do remember hearing mission stories when I was young but the emphasis was on what these people gave up in order to follow Christ. What I'm hearing now is not so much "what-I-gave-up" as "what-I-gained".)

      So this  Ten on the Tenth blog is just really a list of ten young people who have either  joyfully set out to follow Christ in other lands or who are preparing to do that.

     1. Cari Nash - Founded Vision of Destiny school in Kampala, Uganda.

     2. Katie Davis - Founded Amazima Ministries in Jinja, Uganda.

     3. and 4.  Jenni and Tim Jarvis - In training to work full time with  WIM World Indigenous Missions).   Already doing short-term mission work in Haiti and Kenya and eventually will settle in Kenya.

     5.  and 6.  Andrea  and Matt Marlin - In training to work full time in Mozambique, where they have done short term missions.  Hoping to transition there soon, possibly even this year.
    7.   and 8.  Regina and Aaron Stevens - Also in training to work full time in Asia.

    9. and 10.  Justin and Deidra Kervin recently moved to Cajamarca, Peru with their two little girls. They financed their  first short term mission trip by selling their boat.  This trip convinced them to sell their dream house and move into a garage until they had  funds to go long-term to Peru. 

   These are just ten examples of what's right with the younger generation.  I'm sure there are hundreds more   testimonies of dedicated young people who work faithfully for Christ wherever they are - in the States or overseas, in their jobs, homes, neighborhoods, and churches.

   But undoubtedly, the ones listed listed above are young people who have caught a glimpse of the  "cloud of witnesses" that surround us, they have "laid aside every encumbrance" and are running the race that is set before them, with their eyes fixed on Jesus, the One who is their example, the One who is the author of their faith and the One who will perfect their faith.  Hebrews 12:1-2.

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