Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes it's just a great thing to cry...

     Sometimes it's just a great thing to .. cry:)
     I don't know if men understand this but I think most women do.
     Last night was a Sister Chick night and we did all the things that women love to do:  we ate, we laughed, we solved some of the problems of our world, then we ate some more, laughed some more and  cried a bit.  What could have been more perfect???
      This morning I was thinking about the fellowship that we shared the evening before and this phrase came to mind:  accepted and accepting.  With this particular group of friends, I've always felt accepted - even when I knew good and well that I was being whiny and selfish. And even when we share our deepest joys and pains - no, especially when we share our deepest joys and pains - I've never had a problem accepting any of these special friends.
     In fact, the more I learn about them, the more I learn from them and  the more I respect them as well as love them.  None of us have traveled a straight path following the Christ; we've all made mistakes, encountered detours, had our noses rubbed in the pavement of life at times, and gone through moments of anguish.  In other words, like everyone else, we live in the real world.
    But unlike a lot of people, none of my friends ever let life totally get the best of them. Maybe we've all had times when we came perilously close to being overwhelmed by circumstances  but each of us, somehow, managed  to hang on to faith, to hope and all of us have stories of how we've seen Jesus, our Savior, come through for us in remarkable ways.
  Really, if you ever get the chance to meet these special ladies and if you are  ever privileged enough to hear their stories, you will be encouraged and uplifted.
  I am blessed.


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