Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lisa Harper

      I always like to blog (or in this case, share) something about the current Bible study I'm doing with the other ladies in my Thursday night group.  We've just started Malachi by Lisa Harper and so far it is different from the other studies I've done.  Apparently Malachi is a dialogue between God and His people whom, as Lisa put it,  manage to prove that the apple does fall far from the tree :)  And somehow, in our first video, Lisa Harper also managed to relate this short, argumentative, prophetic book  to,um,  Gone With the Wind - which intrigued me right away! (In her words, has your Tara been trashed lately?) Her novel approach to Scripture plus her "when-you-meet-a-wild-animal-in-the-woods" story won me over to this study immediately:)
     And then there is the  workbook itself - which  is also different. Instead of Day 1, Day 2, and so on, it is divided into Scene 1, Scene 2, etc. and is low on stress, high on Scriptural affirmation.
      So, without further ado, here is a short video of Lisa. I think you'll see why I already like her so much. And I'm just on week 1 - um,  Act 1!
     Enjoy... :)  (It's short!  Promise!!!)

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