Thursday, December 13, 2012

Soooo Politically Incorrect that This Will Probably Be the Demise of My Blog...

       Adolf Hitler
       Joseph Stalin
       Dr. Mengele
       Chairman Mao
       Joseph Kony
       Al Capone
       Genghis Khan
       Fidel Castro
       Idi Amin
       Richard Speck
       The Arkansan who killed 17 of his family members on Christmas day many years ago
       Ax murderers
       Child traffickers
       People who rob widows of their last dime
       Terrorists who blow up school buses
       John Wayne Gacy
       Animal torturers
       Extremists who kill worshipers  (Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jewish... doesn't matter)
       Drug dealers who enlist little kids into their drug deals
       Mothers who kill their own children (Kasey Anthony?)
       John Elliott Gruzen
       The founders of Westboro Baptist

       Just a thought...

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