Saturday, December 22, 2012

Raindrops on shoppers and Roses on kittens.. or something like that.

   There are some things that I don't like... but maybe I do... sort of.

   I think I don't like the goofy letters and numbers that pop up, asking you to copy them in order to prove you are not a robot as you try to post comments on a blog. I am not a robot and I prove it when I occasionally say choice words as I type, retype, and type yet again, trying to decipher these weird code words that are often indecipherable.  Then it hit me...these security password thingys are really an attempt at leveling the playing field. When a young person (such as our son) tries (and fails) to decipher a particularly crazy code word, he knows how I feel all the time when faced with technology.  This is a good thing!  (I think...)
   I think I don't like the hustle and bustle of last minute Christmas shopping.  But I must.. because I do it every year...  Yesterday, standing in front of a display case, list in hand, desired gift item in sight - I suddenly had no clue what to do.  The same basic item put out by two different companies.  So.. which one was better?  I didn't know so I made a new friend.  Like Buddie the Elf, I turned to the total stranger next to me and asked for her advice. She was very helpful, explained why one product was better than the other and seemed glad to help.  Maybe talking to total strangers in Wal Greens is my favorite... Who knew?
    I think I don't like the fact that we live in a "neighborhood in transition" where new neighbors occasionally turn out to be drug dealers. However,  I hear others complain about how no one is ever friendly in their neighborhood and no one ever bonds with each other.  Well, let me tell you: that is  not the case in our neck of the woods...  There's nothing like having a crack house or a meth house in the area to bring the rest of the  neighbors together.  Plus, all the interesting things that you have a front row seat to - like the biggest drug family in the 'hood busting it to mow the policeman's yard next door all summer long.. without being asked... just from the goodness of their hearts.:)   (It didn't work btw. The owner still got busted and spent some time in jail...)
     Another thing I think I don't like is pain and/or prolonged suffering.  And I don't. Of all the things I've listed here, this is by far the most serious.   But still, I have to admit that the sweetest people I have met are long-suffering Christians who have a walk with God that I envy. As I think of one who struggles to breathe and talk above a whisper, I have to admit that I was blessed more by 30 minutes of conversation with her than a whole day's conversation with most anybody else that I know.  I shouldn't have been surprised by that.  Years ago I had a friend who had been in a motorized wheel chair for 10 years. Before that it was a regular wheel chair. Before that it was a walker.  Basically she had been sick for 30 years.  But when I walked into her room one evening and she told me calmly that she knew Jesus had been standing at the foot of her bed, I didn't doubt it for a minute.  I knew she lived close to Him and that He, in turn, lived close to her.  In fact, from that friendship I realized that if you really want to be close to Jesus, you need to go where He goes. I don't know all of His favorite places but I know one... and that is anywhere His saints are in need.
    The list could go on and on but I'm sure you get the picture.
    I hope that the things you don't like also turn out to have a silver lining or at least a sliver of one!
    And that this Christmas you have the privilege of going to one of His favorite places, wherever that may be.

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  1. great good/bad scenarios. we can find good in all things, if we look.