Friday, August 26, 2011


  It was a great opportunity for us to be able to travel overseas and there are things from that trip that I believe will stay with me a lifetime.  But I absolutely love being at home!
  My wonderful husband is re-modeling one of our bathrooms - it's going to be probably the most elegant room in our whole house when he finishes :)  My sister-in-law is teasing me saying that we need to have a formal tea or something to celebrate the opening of our new bath... But right now, it's not functioning and so the three of us are having to share one bathroom.  And still, I love being home!
  Over our vacation, we had so many interesting things to see and do that at times it was overwhelming.  This week, the most exciting thing I've done is laundry, dishes, and shopping for groceries... And I can't forget - I did hit Mardel's and found a mother-load of new Christian biographies - 3 at once!!!  So, of course, that made me very happy!
   But basically I've gone from walking the streets of Jerusalem's old city to walking with my husband along our neighborhood street, saying "hi" to people we know  who are cutting their grass or walking their dogs.  My days this week have been spent resting, reading and taking care of the house.  And although it's quite a contrast, I have to say again, I love being home!!!
   Would I travel again?  Absolutely!
   But not any time soon... Right now, in case you haven't figured it out yet,  I really, really love being home!:)


  1. I'm just so glad you got to go...trip of a lifetime! :) LY!!!

  2. Thanks! Your encouragement and prayers made a difference. Hope school is going well! The girls look so grown-up and recess is actually over-rated, for real:0) LY2!