Friday, January 18, 2013


     Sometimes you just need a friend.
     Sometimes you just need to chill.
     Sometimes you just need for the electric fence to start working and/or one of your four dogs (2 males and 2 females) to go out of heat until said fence starts working again. (There is something about an electric fence transmitter that doesn't like lightning...  There is something about me that doesn't like 4 dogs in the house, one of them being in heat... 'nuff said...)
     Sometimes instead of looking at the mountain in front of you,whatever it  may be, you need to sit down, grab a cup of herbal tea and remember that the mountain will still be there when your sanity is restored and your feet don't hurt anymore.  And that it's easier to climb mountains when your feet don't hurt.  And, to borrow a couple of cliches, this too shall pass and somehow it will all get done... or maybe the quotes should go the other way round.  Don't know - still working on the cup of herbal tea.
     And sometimes you just need to go visit a friend, sit back and laugh, learn from them - and their friends - and just get away from the mountain entirely.
    Today was a day to visit friends and friends of friends, talk about dogs, snowmen, eyebrow waxing, the trials of being female, the fun of  home schooling, and the incongruity of an early morning sale  at Dollar General out in the middle of nowhere... sort of.  Like will people really line up at 5 a.m., coupon clutched in hand, for bargains at Dollar General???
    Only time will tell... tune in for the next thrilling installment in a life restored, sanity re-born..:)
    Thanks, Angie.  Even if this blog doesn't make sense to anyone else, it will to you:)  I owe you!

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