Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gotta Love the Accent.. and the Message....

     This is really just to share a book that I downloaded on my kindle.*  It's called Nine Minutes Past Midnight by Dr.  Earnest Crocker.  He is a well-known physician who was the first to really use ultra sound. I'm not up on medical things (clearly)  but I gather that he was in charge of the nuclear medicine department in a teaching hospital.  At any rate, that is all waayyyy over my head.
      He's a Christian and in his book he tells how he, a Christian rationalist, came to understand that God sometimes heals patients when their need is beyond human capability.  Eventually he  came to see God as the silent partner in his practice and found that rationalism and faith could coexist well both in and out of the medical field.
    The book  begins with a description of  the medical case which  convinced Dr. Crocker that God does heal.  And then the rest of the book describes accounts he has garnered from reputable Christian doctors all over the world explaining how they also  became convinced that God was working along side them and at times producing results that went beyond their own medical skill.
    I went to the You Tube video because... I like Australian/British accents, honestly!  But the message, which only lasts about 30 minutes, made a lot of sense and is inspiring so I decided to re-post it here (for your viewing pleasure???)  :)
*I haven't read much of the book yet so if it gets flaky, I'm not responsible for its contents.
  Come to think of it, I'm not responsible even if it doesn't... :)


  1. Thanks Cathy,

    Glad you enjoyed the book. As the one who lived the book I enjoyed it too. All the very best (Dr) Ern Crocker

    1. Just now saw this. The book is wonderful, truly. (If it weren't, I just wouldn't say anything at all:) My husband has "read" it also b/c I shared many stories from it with him. Basically it helped me understand why God heals sometimes and why sometimes He doesn't. It really is all about Him, isn't it? And His plans for us as well as His mercy. Thanks for writing it. (And living it:)