Thursday, July 7, 2011

Turning children's hearts toward Columbia...

  This should be refreshing b/c it isn't about me:)
  Many years ago, when we were involved in IFO ministry, we became friends with a neat girl from Columbia.  She gave our son Spanish lessons and went camping with us - was just a conscientious, hard-working, tender-hearted college student. She missed her family but as the time drew near to return, she was worried because so many people have been kidnapped in Columbia.
  Having the privilege of knowing this sweet girl put a human face on a problem that for us, had never even been a blip on our  radar screen.  Then last August, I got to hear Russell Stendahl speak at a conference.  I was impressed by his quiet demeanor and his powerful message. But it was no wonder his message was strong - he had been held by Marxist Guerrilla soldiers for 5 months when he was younger.  God spoke to his heart during that time and since his release, he has continued to work in Columbia and had his kids working by his side as well.
  Just to let you know, Voice of the Martyrs puts together small packets which they drop into the jungles of Columbia - Russell Stendahl drops them from his plane in addition to his treks on horseback into this dangerous area.  The packets carry the Gospel and they are working - some of these kidnappers are finding the Lord and having their lives totally turned around.
   You can order a few packets and then turn it into a family project because kids can help put them together. I think this is a neat way to teach children about missions, about Columbia,and at the same time, help change lives.
  The first and obvious goal is that these women and men, many of them still in their teens, will come to know the Lord. The second is that sweet people like our Colombian friend will no longer have to live in fear of being kidnapped.

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