Tuesday, July 19, 2011


    Opposites do attract!
    My husband and I once took a spiritual gifts "inventory" at church - I totally maxed out  on encouragement and mercy.  I totally bottomed out (couldn't have gone any lower) on the gift of service.  Guess what?  My husband topped the chart on service (he couldn't have gone any higher) and bottomed out on mercy!  But he also topped the chart on discerning truth.
    So last night we get into a discussion on Iraq - I'm actually just wanting to recount the highlight of this great romance/thriller novel that I read on Iraq and how I just loved the part where they go into an underground church and everyone there, no matter what their previous background, loves and cares for each other (think lots of Happy Faces here), etc. When he starts telling me what our govt. should have done differently - not intending to stir up anything at all.
   So then I start looking at things from the Iraqi point of view, thinking about the people, their culture, and how they would feel if our govt. had dictated to them even more than it has... and boom... we were into a heated discussion that probably would have left the Iraqi's scratching their heads at how idiotic Americans can be...
   Like... don't these crazy Westerners have a life????
   And really, that's maybe the whole point of this blog... I'm thinking that maybe I don't... =/
   Like, maybe it's time to do something crazy wild (as far as my sedate life is concerned) and go busting off to a whole 'nother country (and I don't mean Texas...)
   But without my better half???  Who will argue with me at 11 P.M., apologize at 8 the next morning (even though he was right, incidentally), take me out to breakfast, and then break out a map of Israel to discuss all the fun places that I might get to see - never complaining that he isn't going to get to go -  and then head out to  bust out the paint cans so that he can spend his day off finishing   the bedroom, my headboard request having derailed him by a week or so....
   If I know what long-suffering, unselfishness, and servant heart mean, it's because of Phil.  I'm going to miss him!!

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