Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sisters from the 'Hood

Where thieves break in and steal, that is where I exist.
Where thievery is unknown, that is where I am headed.
Where moth and rust do not corrupt, that is where my treasure lies.

In this other place, the one I’m trying to reach, there is energy  full of grace, angel feet going to and fro, wings outstretched – serious business being transacted while the chords of Love vibrate in, through, and around every being, everything.  That is where I’m going.

Sometimes I hear anguished cries in the  night and at those times,  I scurry through the darkness down here, heart aching,  head down, feet hurting, eyes dim, just trying to make it to my Father’s door step where I know I’ll be safe.   At those times, I just want to shake off the cloying rot of this place and  warm my chilled heart before my  Abba’s Holy fire and feel life, real life, spreading  through my veins.

In the middle of the night, I sometimes dream of  Home, imagining  myself busting through my Father’s door, yelling, “I’m here!!!”,  dropping my backpack of worries, and  feeling the mud of this world miraculously falling away from me.

In my mind’s eye, I walk boldly into the Holy of Holies and my Savior is there.  In fact, I know  He’s there now, praying, listening, interceding, loving.  And right now, my heart longs to be with Him, more than I’ve ever been before.    I want to go Home and I know it will be glorious when I get there.

But I don’t want to go alone.  When I burst through that huge door, Hobbit like, and feel the warmth  before my feet even cross the threshold,  I want others to be with me. 

Abba, I want to bring my sisters in the ‘hood  Home with me for the biggest, most joyous  liveover that’s ever been seen.  I want to cross Your threshold linked arm in arm with  Jessica, Amanda, Kerri, Michelle, and others.  I can just see us laughing, innocent school girls once more, lovely young women anticipating Life.  

 I long for the day when the weight of abuse, heartache, abandonment, and physical pain just starts to slough away from   our shoulders with each other-earthly step.  I can’t wait to see the dingy, yellow dust of this world just dissipate before Your glorious presence.   Abba, I know that we’ll ooh and ahhh over the dazzling radiance of our dresses and when we look in Your face, we’ll see ourselves all beautiful, the way You have been seeing us for a long, long time.

I can’t wait.

But for now…  where thieves break in and steal, that is where we exist.
And although I often long for Home, I’m willing to slow my pace just a bit
So that I can link arms with my sisters and whisper long into the night
with them about the amazing place
 that You have prepared especially for us
 sisters from the ‘hood.

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