Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is my question...:)

     I have decided that our nation is in trouble...
     Last night, while my poor husband was sitting over his laptop, trying to work his way through a training video so that he could test over it, I sat right there with him.  Trying to give moral support.  For a whopping 15 minutes.
     By that time I was bored, having little interest in the latest improvements in car radios and how they work.
     So I started reading whatever happened to be near me, which was his large, plastic Mickey D's coke glass/cup/whatever.
    And this is what I read:
    Here's to YOU.  A toast to your wisdom, clever drink buyer - you have selected a classic fountain beverage, precisely mixed for maximum refreshment.  I'm lovin' it.
     Clever drink buyer???
     I'm being toasted by a plastic McDonald's Coke cup???
     A drink mixed for maximum refreshment???
     It was a Coke, for Pete's sake...
     Not a Mint Julep or a Margarita.  Not even a Nestle's Hot Chocolate package which had been stirred, not shaken, into a cup of hot water.
     I mean, we're talking a large, sugary, carbonated drink that's going to make our teeth rot out eventually and I am a clever drink buyer for purchasing it??
    Okay. This is my question:
    Is this a commentary on McDonald's and their general attitude? I mean, in plain English, are their corporate execs whacked out?  (I know they are rich but that's not the question...)
    Or is this just the way their advertisement company perceives the American public to be? (Knowing that perception can be skewed...hoping their perception is skewed...)
    Or is this just a spoof on some commercial I have been fortunate enough to miss? (If so, I have another reason to be thankful that I'm a book-a-holic and not a t.v.-a-holic.)
    Or is this, to some degree, a sign of our culture - that we are so narcissistic that we need our plastic drink cups to cheer us on, even if half in jest?
     So should I end this blog with a toast to you, clever blog reader....?
     Or with an accolade to myself, signing off as the clever blog writer...?
     I don't know... I may have to go get a large, sugary drink to sip on while I ponder this one out.
     Headed to Sonic...
     Still thinking our nation might be in big trouble...
    Waiting for the day when I see  Phil. 2:3-6 writ large on plastic cups...:)


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