Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sometimes rainy days are the best...

    It has been an overcast, rainy, yucky day.. almost as if nature couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to be winter or fall... definitely not summer or spring.  I had e-mailed someone (whom I don't know) to see about starting Community Bible Study - another thing on my to-do list for when I retire.
    I know, I know!  I'm not retired yet.... But last week when it was sunny and I was just starting my spring break and "free time" seemed to roll out ahead of me in un-ending waves, it seemed like a brilliant idea to go ahead and enroll in CBS and sort of get back into the swing of things before Fall classes start. Like a no-brainer
    Sunday night, as I was setting my alarm for 5:45 a.m., enrolling in a Tuesday night study didn't seem quite so brilliant.  By Monday night I had decided I would probably just.. not go.  This morning when I woke up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep, there was no question - I definitely would not be going.  Ditto at lunch time and again when  I was leaving school at 5:45 this evening - nope!  Just wasn't going to happen!
    As I drove home in a wet twilight where everything seemed slate grey, I suddenly thought, "You know, the first time I went to Bible Study Fellowship was in the month of March."  I was actually in my twenties then. And skinny, too:)   I stayed in it for 5 years and I have to admit, it laid a foundation that has stood me in good stead lo, these many years.
    And then when I went back into BSF after an absence of several years, I went back in March. What a coincidence! I had intended to start in January but got side-tracked by the need for  an emergency hysterectomy.
    And then I remembered that the first time I went to CBS,  it was in - you guessed it -  March... That was in 2001, when our Russian daughter indicated a desire to go into a systematic Bible study.  Tonight memories came flooding back of sitting with her in our first class together.  And that led naturally to thoughts of how much God has used her in the ensuing years.
   Which led me to the realization that the "ensuing years" add up to.. um.. ten ...
   Which made me realize that as the years have flown by, having them "stitched together" by periodic stints in BSF or CBS has been, for me, a very good thing.
   By the time I got home from school, I was ready to head out again... After all, it's the month of March which for me, apparently, is the optimum time to start another round of 9 month Bible studies. I had a great time at the study tonight and came home - in the rain - thinking sometimes grey, yucky, rainy days are the best....
   Especially in March :)

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