Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One out of a thousand...

     Last night I started running a fever... which you can't just "run a fever" when you work ... especially if you are a teacher.  The first thing that goes through your mind when you realize you are sick is:  I have to set up my room for a sub and what am I going to have the kids do????   Unless, of course,  you are in a coma, in which case you don't care.  (The most laid-back I have ever been about sub plans was when I was coming out of recovery from emergency surgery and I got a call from a young sub wanting to know where my grade book was... Didn't bother me a bit... Had no clue where the book was, was feeling no pain at that time and never really knew how all that worked out:)
     At any rate, as soon as I said, "I'll have to go in tomorrow morning to set up...", my husband said, "Let's do it now.  If you feel up to it, I'll drive you down there and then afterwards, we can come home and watch a movie."
    We did exactly that -  except that we took so long at school that there was no movie afterwards - something we can remedy tonight, hopefully. At any rate, we  made the thirty minute trip, I typed up lesson plans, made sure all my ducks were in a row, etc.  And then, since my husband is fascinated with construction work I took him down a makeshift hall to the "new building" which has only been in use since Dec.  It's really beautiful and he was impressed, took in so many more details than I've ever noticed!
     And then I heard a police siren and  suddenly remembered how a former principal used to get burned to a crisp when one of us would leave the light on in our classroom because the police would spot it and call in an alert.  At that time, an alert meant that the Principal would have to haul out of bed at whatever hour and come to the school to check it out.  And boy, did we hear about it the next day!!!  To this day, before I leave my room, I turn off my computer, turn off the heater, and douse the lights....   And sometimes glance back at my windows just to make sure  I turned off the lights!!
    So while my husband was shining his flashlight along the walls and ceiling of the new building, I was having visions of the police - sans Principal - running down the hallway with weapons drawn, yelling "Freeze!"  Plus, my sinuses were really gimping up on me and my Tylenol was wearing off.
    My husband had no clue that all this was going through my mind as  he leisurely walked  down the unfinished hall connecting  my building to the new, saying things like, "Wow, that looks like it's going to be a walkway above the ceiling when everything is finished!  And look at the size of that room!  It's huge!  This is going to be great!"
    Meanwhile I was doing my "I'm-late-for-duty half-walk/half-sprint" in front of him and so finished a quarter-hall ahead of him, arriving back at my room to... A) turn off my computer   B). Turn off the heater  and C) Douse the lights.
   Once we were in the car, he offered to take me to Sonic for a Cranberry Slush and on the way, he said, "When I saw you walking down your hallway ahead of me, I almost started crying."
     First, he seldom ever cries.
     Second, I had no clue why he would cry...
     So I asked him Why?
     His reply, "Because it just hit me how many times you must have  walked down that hall over the years..."
     While I was seeing the hall simply as a means of getting from point A to point B, he was seeing the years of my life invested in that place.
     And that is just one out of a thousand  reasons why I love my husband.
     I am blessed...

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