Friday, September 6, 2013

Just Ask Snowflake...

     It's 1 a.m. It's been a day, as we like to say here in the South.
     Even David's bird has had issues...
     Snowflake  has been given free range of the library for some time now but he's mostly stayed on his little wooden jungle gym.  Lately, however, he has taken to flying to the top shelf where he perches, far above our heads.  At night he rests against the corner of the book shelf, trying to look like a multi-colored miniature vulture I suppose.
    Tonight David told me he thought Snowflake had probably suffered Post Traumatic  Syndrome earlier :)
     Apparently Snowflake's wings had gotten too big for his britches... or something like that. He wouldn't come down from his perch at all for David and eschewed his jungle gym completely.  David and his friend, Joel, couldn't get Snowflake to come to them no matter what they did.  So they resorted to drastic measures.
    They started flipping the light switch on and off so that the bird couldn't see to fly; this caused the bird to flutter to the floor, the only seemingly safe place for him to be when the world around him started strobing. :)  Then one of them threw a shirt over the bird as soon as he landed and together, the two guys clipped Snowflake's wings.
     David said Snowflake was not a happy camper during the process and was probably a candidate for PTSD.
     No doubt...
     But then he added, "As soon as his wings were clipped, he was like a different bird. Now he wants to sit on my shoulder all the time, he's docile, and he seems happier.  I guess once his wings were clipped, he knew he had to be dependent on me and now he seems grateful to be near me."
    I thought about it.
    Clipped wings?
    We've got them.
    Phil has made tremendous improvement this week, so much so that he did a lot of "normal" things yesterday and woke up in pain this morning. Not terrible pain like he had at first. But pain that pretty much said, "Whoa, Buddy, not so fast!"
    Just as he thought he could do some low-level hopping, skipping, and jumping, he realized that his wings were still clipped.  He was discouraged and before long, my feathers were ruffled. It was just that kind of a day...
    So we "got on each other's nerves" until, finally,  we acknowledged our inability to fly and nestled close to the Master.
    Corrie ten Boom used to say, "Don't wrestle; just nestle."
    It's good advice.
    Just ask Snowflake ;)

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