Monday, December 3, 2012

When Sandwiches Seem Human...Sort of...

     Today I was putting two oval shaped pickles on a slice of white bread - the first step towards making a turkey sandwich, when it struck me that the pickles on bread with a streak of mustard underneath sort of (only sort of, mind you) looked like a face.  Maybe not a happy face but still, a face.
     And that about sums up my morning... :)
     The weirdness actually started yesterday.   Last night I was looking for my study Bible under the front car seats.    (And as I re-read that sentence, I realize that's a bit strange in and of itself).    Then I realized I didn't carry it to church yesterday morning; I carried a different Bible.  So I looked through the house once again but no luck.  Then this morning, still no study Bible.  How can you lose a study Bible???  It's so heavy Phil usually carries it into church for me and I think I may have heard a sotto voice comment or two about getting a backpack on wheels or something of that nature... I mean, we're not talking a pocket New Testament here.
     So I went on to church where I do volunteer work for a couple of hours on Mondays.  This morning the new scanner thing that I use  - well, it wouldn't work.  I used all my persuasive charm but the scanner resisted to the bitter end and I had to drag out the old R2D2 model and use it.  I got so frustrated that at one point, I'm talking to the "new" scanner as in, "Give me a break!  Come on!  All I need is for you to work two measly hours!  Is that asking too much?"  So I'm talking to a scanner right there in the church office, willing the recalcitrant thing to start beeping!!!  And then, belatedly, I look over my shoulder to see if any of the staff heard me...  Ha!  I'll know, I guess, if there is a special prayer meeting called in my honor...
    Anyway, after fruitlessly hunting for my study Bible and then talking trash to the church scanner, I went to Subway and as soon as I walked in the door, I found myself at the end of a long  line.  Subway is never that busy!  But it was today...So I turned right around and eventually meandered my way home where suddenly I found myself looking at my sandwich-in-the-making thinking, "Am I turning into Salvador Dali or does that slice of bread-with-pickles really (sort of) look like a face?"
    Honestly, if there is a moral to this story, I wouldn't know what it is.
    Only that there are just some days that are weird and this is one of them.
    And on those days, laughter is not a choice - it is a necessity...:)


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