Friday, June 22, 2012

Very Random Thoughts...

      This has been just a strange week, one of highs and lows.   Good things happening and bad.  And somehow, I can let the bad really whomp on me while the good goes sailing by, almost unnoticed, during "crazy" weeks like this.
      Honestly, weeks like this wear me out.   I find myself thinking, "I'd like a little bit of normal here. Maybe some routine.  Surprises are okay but after a while, they lose their charm, especially when one day it's good and the next day the surprise is bad.  I don't do roller coasters..."
     And then I look on Face Book or I check my blogs that I follow and I see that a little girl's cancer has returned and now it's time for her make-a-wish trip.  Or I see that an ardent Christian worker has had a serious injury and is partially paralyzed and needs surgery.
    And then I see other things, like Christianity is exploding in Iran as God's Spirit draws people to Himself in a miraculous way.  Or I see a video on FB where a little girl who possesses a resiliency  that is beyond my imagination has spent her time on the cancer ward videotaping her nurses as they sample sour Warhead candy:) And I LOVE that!
    And then I receive two necklaces in the mail that were painstakingly shaped by women who used to be beyond poor and were totally without hope and yet here in my hands, their work shimmers and shines and I know each bead is proof that God is working. He is working in  my sister's heart, although she is far away and I've never met her. And through her, He's working in my heart as well.
   He's working in Iran. In ways I can't imagine!
   He's working in a hospital room where a plucky little girl can sweet talk her nurses into the "Warhead" experiment:)
   I have to believe He's working, even in hospital rooms where children can't do Warhead videos and parents grapple with bad news. Even if nothing else, as He calls other people to pray, He's working.
   What I'm saying is:  to me the most important thing to post on FB or anywhere is not about the fact that my mashed potatoes weren't totally mashed tonight or about how the dog got mad at me two days ago and deposited a little surprise for me on the carpet. =/  Or even about more serious things, like how a loved one's house got broken into again.
    Because A) those are minor compared to a child having cancer or a third world sister being pulled out of poverty by God's grace.  My positives and negatives are nothing compared to those.
   And because B) if a day goes by where I don't see and acknowledge that God is working, in my heart, I feel that day is wasted.
   I want to spend every single day standing on tip-toe, watching to see where He is working.
   Otherwise life is just a roller coaster and I don't do roller coasters...

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  1. I understand! Today I got wonderfully happy surprising news and horribly sad shocking news. And God's grace is sufficient.