Thursday, February 10, 2011

One thing you can't do...

I read a book about 7 years ago called One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven.   The title caught my attention because I guess I had always assumed that you could do whatever you wanted in Heaven... well, aside from the things that your Mom wouldn't want you to do there, I not clean your plate or hit your brother.
But actually there are a lot of things that you can do here but you can't There....
You can't doubt the goodness of God...
You can't walk by will all be by sight.
You can't hate your brother...or carry a grudge.
You can't lie, steal, or cheat.
Or watch your stuff rust, decay, and/or be stolen.
You can't be poor or lonely or in the dark.
You can't experience pain, sorrow, or sickness.
(As E. V. Hill used to tell his congregation: if we don't get some sufferin' time  in down here, when are we going to do it?)
And I'm guessing that you can't get rid of the joy, joy, joy.. down in your heart as you hobnob with real angels (as opposed to snow angels) and bask in the light of the Lamb.
But none of this was the subject of Mark Cahill's book.
Simply put, he was saying that in Heaven we can't introduce Jesus to people who don't know Him; we can't  tell them about how good He has been to us and about who He really is.
If Jesus means everything to you (and to me), now is the time to be sayin' it.

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