Sunday, April 24, 2011


     Peace... Jeremiah and David watching a movie. Phil resting after a long weekend.  The hiatus before another work week comes full force upon us.
     Wind...  As I sat in the swing outside just now, I felt the breeze stirring around me, unseen in the darkness and also, unseen in my heart, lifting, sweeping my thoughts towards the One who created all the things that eddy and circle around me... life in all it's complexity...He is the Creator/Sustainer.
     People... Lifting them up to Father God in the twilight,  crying out to Him for a child I've never met, for many that I love, and for those I once loved, once hated, and long to love again.. this time with the purity of His love.
    And I sense that He is working, that something more than the breeze is stirring..
    But then... later... in the light.... in the kitchen.... busy and already moving forward in mind's eye to the week ahead, I wonder:  is Aslan really on the move or was it my imagination?
    Was the breeze only.. .just a breeze?
    Still, something stirs in my heart..
    Hope that won't be denied..
    It is the Name of Jesus...
    Hope of earth and joy of Heaven.


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