Thursday, May 29, 2014

Because He Is Strong... and I Am Not...

What is on my mind this rainy Thursday morning?
Something I'm not even sure I can express, although my heart is longing to. But I don't think print on screen will be adequate. goes....

This morning in my Bible study on Hebrews, I saw these things. First, Hebrews 4:14-16 says that Jesus, our High Priest, is able to understand our weaknesses... Why? Because He has been tempted in every way that we could be - I thought about the forty days He spent in the wilderness and, yes, I am sure that He was tempted in every possible way. Because He knows what it feels like to be tempted, He can extend mercy to us. Truly He understands.

But the passage goes on to say that although He was tempted, He never gave in. He was strong. So much stronger than any mere human could ever be. He is King Jesus, come to earth disguised as one of us, slumming if you will... He walked among us, felt the vicissitudes, the pressures, the heartaches, the deep sadness, and the betrayals of life. Yet He never sinned.

And so I am cleansed, forgiven. "Because Jesus has taken the beating..." as Lisa put it...

And then, in my study book, Lisa Harper asked this question:
"What sin do I most regret God's assigning to Christ's resume so that I could be pronounced righteous?" 
The reference to this question is found in II Cor. 5:21 -
He made Him
         who knew no sin
                    to become sin
                           on our behalf....

And so the question stands:
What sin do you most regret that God had to assign to Christ so that you could be pronounced righteous?

Because He has taken my beating for the things I've done that even now can make me cringe... Prolonged times of anger, bitterness, whining, unforgiveness, longing for the leeks and garlics of another day, another time, being dissatisfied with His grace - the list goes on and on.

Because He took my beating for each and every one of those things and so much more, I love Him.

Jesus Christ, the One and only, the once and forever High Priest who offers me nothing but grace and mercy. Who, because He is strong - never weak - is able to save me, strengthen me, uplift me, and keep me.

ON this rainy morning, I am humbled and grateful.
Right now it would be impossible for me to start this day without publicly saying, "King Jesus, I love You."
May it be so every morning....

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