Friday, August 24, 2012

What came for you?


     Something came in the mail today.  For me.
     Something that another woman halfway across the world held in her hands, shaped with her fingers, probably while laughing and talking with the other women in her group; maybe even  while shedding a few tears.  Maybe while praying for the one who would receive it.
     The something I received looked like a necklace but really... it wasn't.  I promise. Don't tell anyone but it's true: appearances can be quite  deceiving!    Sooooo... just between you and I, this is what I really received:  one brightly colored, highly visible end  of an invisible, carefully crafted chain that stretches for literally thousands of miles, all the way across an ocean, stretching  from her work-worn hands and heart to my soft, take-it-easy ones.
      She has probably known prostitution and abuse.  I've known tremendous comfort and actually, on many days, longed for more.
    Some day I will see her and I think we'll know each other:)  Instantly.   Talk about joy!!!!    We'll look at each other, my Ugandan sister and I, there  in Heaven and go, "You?!"  "You were the one who purchased my necklace?!"  
   "You were the one who made my necklace?!"
   "So you knew my Savior  back then, too!!  He is awesome!!"
    And maybe we'll laugh and hug and then we'll sit down and share our stories. I can't wait!
    Something eternal came in the mail today.  For me.  From her.
    What came in the mail for you?




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