Wednesday, July 25, 2012

52 Pick Up Pasta...

Some weeks, I just need for God to put everything back in the box for me because my life is like uncooked pasta escaping from the package. (See picture below...:)  
Some weeks, I wonder why He puts up with any of us down here when He's in Heaven and He doesn't have to.  If I were in Heaven, I don't think I'd do it :)

Today our international student had his first US routine eye exam.  The assistant pointed to the wall chart and said, "Tell me what you see."  He responded with a perfectly logical, accurate answer.  However, his answer had nothing to do with the eye chart!  When she asked him again to tell what he had seen, he responded accurately once again - this time with the very polite response, "I can see all."  He was making perfect sense but, for some reason  she still  wasn't satisfied.    When she repeated the instructions again, I wonder if  he began to silently question her expertise.  However, his face never showed that and within a minute or so, he understood what she wanted and was reading  each individual letter without any problems whatsoever, flawlessly.  When they were on the second part of the exam, he apparently wondered why his eyesight was still an issue  and sweetly, reasonably said, "But I tell you, I can see all. I don't like small letters but I can see."

Sometimes I do that with God.  When the pasta of my life is all over the floor and the current test I'm going through makes no sense, I try to respond to the best of my ability. But I just don't always get it because I don't see the big picture.  I see what's going on around me but I don't know what's going on beyond me and I finally end up saying, "But God, I am telling You, I can see all. I don't like the fine print in my life, the pasta  on the floor,  but I can see."  And I can see. Just not enough. So He patiently continues to work with me while I wonder why we're still going over the same drill and why we aren't moving on.

I'm glad He's patient.

Hoping everyone's pasta this week stays in the box.  
Remembering that we walk by faith, not by sight. 


  1. good one. reminds me of pickup sticks.. everything is touched by another in the mess of things

  2. Good words! I love how you see God's principles in so many things.